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How to wash and care for your merino

One of the best things about wool is that is doesn’t need to be washed after every use, so when the time does come to give your muddy bike-kit a clean, here’s how best to wash and care for your favourite Mons Merino garments.

Thanks to its anti-odour properties wool doesn’t need to be washed after every use. Washing less frequently not only makes your garments last for longer, but less water use means it’s better for the planet too! We recommend washing after every third wear, or spot cleaning minor stains and hanging your Mons merino in the fresh air to dry.

When washing your Mons merino, close all the zippers and turn it inside out. Set your machine to wool cycle or delicate warm/cool cycle (less than 30 degrees) and use regular laundry liquid or powder free of enzymes and optic brighteners. We don’t recommend using wool detergents as they use enzymes that can damage merino fibre. For specific washing instructions read the care label on your garment.

Line dry your garment or lay flat in the shade, as soon as you’ve finished washing.

Because merino fabric is a knit, small holes can unravel, just like a cotton tee, but perhaps a little faster due to the small amount of natural elasticity in wool. After a lot of wear and tear, if you notice a hole in your merino the best option is to darn it, or if you’re noticing your cuffs have seen a lot of love we offer a cuff repair kit.

Pilling can be a common occurrence with merino fibres, but it’s something that can be dealt with easily. To get rid of pilling, wash your Mons garment (not turned inside out) with a pair of jeans (turned inside out). The tougher denim fibres rub up against the merino, removing the shortened fibres off your Mons.

Naturally after lots of adventures in the elements prints on your Mons merino garments may start to fade over time. Make sure you don’t iron over any prints!

Life gets dirty and sometimes grease marks can be stubborn and hard to remove in a regular wash cycle. If you have grease marks, dab the stain with a colour-free washing soap or natural detergent before putting your Mons merino into the washing machine.

Don’t use fabric softener, bleach or other stain removal agents. Do not soak and do not tumble dry your Mons merino.