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Ride Natural in Merino Mountain Bike Apparel

From hard-tails to full-suspension, aluminium frames to carbon, 26″ to 29ers, tubeless tires, to bluetooth shifting – the world of mountain biking is constantly being revolutionised, and Mons Royale is adding to the momentum.


We are proud to partner with New Zealand’s ZQRX Merino, the world’s leading ethical wool brand.


We believe in using merino wool because it’s the world’s highest-performing natural fibre.


Naturally better performance.

The best trail features are curated by nature herself, the steep but grippy rock slab, a rhythmic root section, or a gnarled stump to jump.

Nature also created the best fibre to keep you riding those features. Merino is anti-odour, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, warm even when wet and super soft, naturally.


Here’s 6 reasons why merino is the world’s greatest natural performance fibre.


It all comes back to merino sheep.

Living in the high alpine, these animals thrive in extreme summer and winter climates. Their wool has evolved to keep them warm and dry in the cold, while simultaneously regulating their temperature when it gets too hot. Plus, Merino fibre has a natural structure that prevents bacteria from sticking to it, making it an anti-odour powerhouse.


ZQRX Merino – The world’s leading ethical wool standard.

Using ZQRX Merino in our mountain bike collection demonstrates our commitment to a great product, the right way. Sourcing our wool from ZQRX merino ensures that sheep that live by the Five Freedoms. This means our fibre is traceable to the exact farm it came from, and that the sheep are free from thirst, free to live naturally, in comfort and without stress or disease.


Our mission – shift all riders to natural fibres.

We began making winter base layers because we saw an opportunity to create performance apparel with a disruptive edge. Now we’ve bought this disruptive edge to mountain biking apparel. In a sport where synthetics have dominated the market for too long, times have shifted and riders are now looking for natural alternatives. It’s our mission to help riders make the shift to natural with high-performance merino bike apparel. 


Merino Bike Apparel


Merino Bike Apparel