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From in- (“in”) + lūminō (“light up”) / to be exposed to light.

Peter Kaiser’s latest video Illūminō is a visual feast which beautifully intertwines his love for riding bikes, with his passion for analog photography and film processing.

Peter Kaiser biking up a steep wooden ramp in a forest and doing a 360 rotation onto a step-up dirt mound

As long as a film cartridge is loaded inside a camera and the light shining onto its surface can be controlled, it doesn’t really matter where we point it at. At the end of the day it shows a visual image which we associate a certain memory with. I felt it was similar with this bike. No matter what terrain I put it’s tires in, it always leaves me with an awesome time and a big grin on my face.

Peter Kaiser mountain biking at sunset

Bikes, cameras and vice versa, I’ve always been drawn to the media side of things. As much as I enjoyed riding in all these various locations for this project I’ve once again also enjoyed the post production process. Everything from the main editing to color, sound and graphics. Getting lost in the detail is easy within own projects, but at the end of the day it’s always cool to see it come out the way one imagined it.

Two Images on the left a red van with a mountain bike on the back and forest in the background and on the right Peter Kaiser mountain bikes down a slope with mountains and trees in the background